The tireless pursuit of clarity... is the online office of Stephen R. Coffee Consulting, LLC.

Does your use of language live up to the effort you put into proposals and reports?

Are you communicating with potential customers the way you need to?

Do your website and print materials properly reflect your image and values?

Technical and proposal writing

Proposals and reports need to take care of business first. They need to be clear and well organized, the writing focused on reducing the effort required by the reader to find the information they need. At the same time, formal documents needn’t be tedious or obscure. Well crafted language can add perceived value to a proposal and help it stand out in a crowd.

I specialize in USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants and am a preferred writer for Cisco Systems, ePlus Technology, and others. I have helped rural schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities win many millions of dollars.

Marketing and creative writing

Clear writing is like a good cup of coffee. Not only is it a pleasure to consume, it melts away the fog and allows a little light to shine through. The edges of the moment become a little clearer.

Writing for the web is an art form unto itself. People approach a web page differently than they approach other media. Our presentation needs to reflect the unique possibilities and limitations of the medium.

People are saturated in marketing, so cleverness alone is rarely rewarded, fluff even less so. My approach is to focus clearly on customer benefits, then make a convincing case that you can deliver them. The customer needs to see a clear path to a better world.

Graphic design and web sites

From banner ads to billboards, the same principles hold: Grab the viewers attention and drill down on the message. There can be advantages to having the graphics development come from someone who is highly attuned to both the marketing message and the audience. While I often partner with professional graphic designers (and recognize that I am not their peer), I can complete many design tasks on my own.

Association management

With modern, online management systems, small associations can recruit and relate to their members just like the big ones. I currently provide ongoing administrative support to the Society for Social Studies of Science.

What's with the name?

At our house we refer to housecleaning as "chaos abatement." This fun bit of bureaucratese is an apt description of the potential of good writing and good design. After all, clear expression is a result of clear thinking, good design the result of clear purpose.

"Steve Coffee is the power tool of IT consultants. He is amazingly fast and effective, but his work is also consistently high quality. I highly recommend him for the most complex web-related writing and design tasks."

Peter Lazar, CTO, eBroselow

"I have to say that this is the most comprehensive and easy to understand grant that I have ever had written for me. There is nothing left to speculate on and paints a beautiful picture of the innovative vision we have. Working with Stephen as the writer has pushed me to new levels of dreaming big."

J. Scot Trower, Assistant Superintendent, Epic Charter School, Oklahoma

"Based upon only a few hours of discussion, Steve Coffee was able to design a brochure and web site that clarified our corporate vision and strategy and enhanced our firm's image. We have been extremely impressed with the efficiency, quality, and creativity of his work."

Keith Wayland, Managing Partner, RPI Consultants.

"Thank you so much for your help on our RUS grant opportunity! The feedback, follow-through, diligence, and support you provided were exceptional."

Garrett Stevens, Systems Software Specialist, Black Hills State University